Friday, January 21, 2011

Gotta get back in time!

Sorry this new post has been a bit delayed....I was going to make a post a couple weeks ago about astrological signs, but then it was all over the news that the signs have changed or something?  So I guess I'll wait a while until people make up their minds about that!  I'm still considering myself a Scorpio for now, though.

One of the fun things I've been doing after school these days is playing a new computer game I bought with some saved-up money.  Earlier this year, my cousin showed me the movie Back to the Future, and I loved it!  I was glad my parents let me watch it even though it has a few bad words in it.  Well, now they've come out with a brand new game based on the movies...cleverly titled Back to the Future: The Game!

I've only seen the first movie (it's a trilogy), but the game has its own story, so it doesn't confuse me or anything. 

It's so exciting to play as Marty!

To play, you use the mouse to select different objects, and also to select what you want Marty to say when he's talking to someone.

You move him around with the W, A, S, and D keys.  It's hard to get used to at first!

Hehe, "What the heck?" I'm choosing this one!

This first scene is like the scene in the beginning of the movie...but it's different!

Oh no!  Doc is disappearing!  What happened in the time stream?

Oh, poo, never mind, it was just a dream!  Now the real story starts!

Look at the Delorean!  I can't wait to play some more!

I love this game, it's so so fun and not too hard and frustrating to play!  You can download it too really easily, and they have it for PC or Mac.  Just google Telltale games or Back to the Future game, it'll take you right to it. 

I promise my next update will be about something besides sitting in front of the computer!  I have more things planned to do with Kirsten and Donna soon!  Just because it's my blog, doesn't mean I have to be the star 100% of the time. 

Great scott!
Love, Willow

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello, world!

Hi!  My name is Willow Douglas, and this is my new blog!  I'm so excited to start writing all about stuff in here, because I love to write! 

I'm ten years old, and I live in Annapolis, Maryland.  I moved here about four months ago from Minnesota, and it's very different!  It's a great place to be because we get all four seasons (though I've only been here for fall and winter, and I've been told that spring is really short), and it's on the coast, so it's not far to a great beach!  I can't wait to go once it turns to summer. 

Another thing that makes Annapolis great is that we're on the Chesapeake Bay, too.  You never have to go very far to find a whole bunch of water!  I love water and all kinds of nautical stuff.  I was excited that two of my neighbors and new friends living here, Kirsten Larson and Donna Barry, both love the Navy and Navy ships, and they get to go see them in person from time to time!  Donna has even seen a ship that was in the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie (the one that got killed in half by the Kraken! How cool is that!) and several old out-of-commission ships including a destroyer and two aircraft carriers.  I want to go see some of those ships too, as soon as possible!  What a huge (literally!) and amazing part of history!  I'm loving learning more about Navy ships, and I'm going to show you so much more about them in future entries to this blog, I hope.

I'm pretty used to my new school by now, and we're still on winter break right now, but we go back soon.  My favorite part of school so far is that our teacher set us all up with pen pals from a school in Pennsylvania!  It would be easy to email them, but we have to send them snail-mail letters, like people have done since like the beginning of time.  It's fun!  Writing a letter to someone on paper and sending it in a envelope with a stamp on it is just something that no one does much anymore, and it makes it so I can personalize the letters way more.  You can't put glitter stickers on an email, or write it with a purple colored pencil! 

My pen pal's name is Leslie Prince, and we've exchanged letters about three times now.  Leslie kind of seems like she isn't as into writing as I letters to her have all covered the front and back of a piece of paper, with me writing all in the margins too.  I can never stop thinking of things to say to someone who doesn't know anything about me yet.  The letters I get back from Leslie are much shorter though.  One was even just half a page long, and she hasn't told me much about herself besides what pets she has, what her favorite color is, the names of her friends at her school, stuff like that.  I got her most recent letter just yesterday though, and it was another short one, but she drew me a picture on the back of the paper!  It's done in pretty markers, and it's a drawing of a big green field with tiny, far-away looking trees, and two dogs smiling at me.  "My Yard" she wrote at the bottom.  I can't draw very well, but I think I'm going to draw her a picture of my yard to send back to her.

Winter break has been lots of fun.  Christmas was a little smaller than I'm used to, since my aunts, uncles, and cousins are still back in the middle of the country and they couldn't come see us here, but I still ate lots of great food and got a great present.....this computer that I'm typing on right now!  Being an only child is fun sometimes, it means I don't have to share computer time with anybody now that I don't have to go on my dad's laptop anymore! 

I'm going over Kirsten's house later today and we're going to watch The Wizard of Oz on her family's new Blu-Ray player.  I can't wait to see all those glorious H's and D's! :)

It feels so cool to be a blogger!  I'll write more soon!

Love, Willow